About Us

Hi, my name is Brandon, and I am a photographer and graphic designer. Fun fact: the word "Niwa" actually comes from my mother's maiden last name, who was born and raised in Japan. 


I married my beautiful wife, Evelyn, in 2012 and she initially began helping me with photo shoots. Within a few years, we began shooting together and have even added highlight videography to our wedding and portrait packages. Now, Studio Niwa is a team of two, specializing in portraiture, wedding and commercial photography as well as graphic design for branding, logos, and all web and print material.


My talented wife has also started her separate photography and videography business, Written in Wonder, where she specializes in birthing videography and photography as well as Fresh 48, lifestyle newborn and family sessions. If you are expecting and would like to learn more, you should absolutely contact her here. She's awesome!


It's a huge blessing that we're able to use our creative passions to capture some of the most important days of your lives as well as design elements that could change the course of your business. We'd love to work with you and hope to hear from you soon!